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Welcome, first-time guests!

Are you considering coming to Southwest Vocal Alliance (SVA) chorus for the first time? We’d love to have you! See below for more information. You can also contact our membership team at or ‪(480) 389-5125‬ or by filling out our membership interest form.

Rehearsal Information

We rehearse every Monday from 6:30-9 pm at Orangewood Presbyterian Church, in the Page Hall building. 7321 N 10th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

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About SVA

Southwest Vocal Alliance is Arizona's premiere award-winning mixed barbershop chorus and 2024 Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention participant. We're a fun-loving a cappella chorus that sings and performs a wide variety of songs and styles, including barbershop, pop, rock, country, and doo-wop. SVA is part of the Far Western District of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

We recently competed for the first time at the international level in the Barbershop Harmony Society's 2024 Convention. Watch the contest set that qualified us!



Why come to SVA?

SVA could be a great fit for you if you want to:

  • Sing with a group of a cappella singers.
  • Participate in a barbershop style chorus.
  • Be part of an inclusive culture. We’re open to all genders, ages, and backgrounds.
  • Meet new friends and be part of a community. Whether you recently moved to Phoenix and don’t know many people yet, or just want to meet more awesome folks, SVA is warm and welcoming to all.
  • Combine fun and musical excellence.
  • Sing a wide range of songs and styles.
  • Sing with your family and/or friends. We have many couples and family members who sing together.
  • Participate in a non-religious group. Our rehearsal space is at a church, but we’re a secular chorus.
  • Meet on a consistent basis. We rehearse every week.


What to expect at your first rehearsal

We recommend coming 10 minutes early to your first rehearsal. When you walk into Page Hall at Orangewood Presbyterian, someone will greet you. You’ll get a name tag and a guest book with our sheet music.

We’ll figure out which vocal part you want to try (Tenor, Lead, Baritone, or Bass - see below for more information about each part). You’ll be paired up with someone who sings the same part, and you can ask them any questions about the music.

During rehearsal you can either choose to sing along by sightreading or just listen. (Sightreading absolutely isn’t required to be a member - after your first rehearsal you can access audio learning tracks to help you learn the music). We’ll briefly introduce you to the group during rehearsal. Rehearsal lasts three hours and we typically don’t take official breaks, but you can use the restroom at any time. Feel free to sit down if you don’t feel able to stand for long periods of time.

Either before or after rehearsal, you’ll meet Eva or another member of the Membership team and Danny, our director. Eva or a membership team representative can answer your questions about the process of becoming an SVA member. You can also get a sneak peak of our membership and audition process in our FAQs.

After your first rehearsal, you’ll receive an email with an invitation to join our Discord. Joining our Discord lets you access sheet music and audio learning tracks to prepare for your audition. Discord is also where we share important info and announcements.



Musical information

We sing a very wide range of genres, including barbershop, pop, rock, country, and doo-wop. To get a taste of our musical style, check out this video. Here are some examples of our current repertoire: 

There are four vocal parts: Tenor, Lead, Baritone, and Bass. Even if you’ve sung in a barbershop chorus before, the ranges for each part may be different from your past experience, as mixed gender choruses have different ranges. If you aren’t sure which part to sing we’ll help place you. All vocal parts are open to all genders. Here’s a description of each part:

  • Tenor - The highest part. Tenor is comparable to the Soprano part in other choruses, except that Tenor typically doesn’t have the melody.
  • Lead -  Lead is comparable to the Alto 1 part in other choruses, except that Lead typically has the melody.
  • Baritone - Baritone has a similar but slightly lower range as the Lead part. Unlike Lead, Baritone rarely has the melody. Baritone is comparable to the Alto 2 or Tenor part in other choruses. 
  • Bass -The lowest part. Bass is comparable to the Bass part in other choruses. 

See the typical ranges for each part below:



How to become a member

See our Membership FAQs (especially the New and prospective members section) for information about the audition process and joining. 

Contact information

Contact our membership team at or ‪‪(480) 389-5125‬‬ or by filling out our membership interest form.